7 Important Lessons in Life Not Taught in School

“Education is what remains after one forgets what one learned in school.”

Have you ever heard of Albert Einstein’s famous quote? Isn’t that amusing? That one of history’s most brilliant minds would say that what you learned in school could not be an essential thing?

But, given his intelligence, I’m inclined to assume he was correct. Understanding the activities of stomata may be necessary for understanding some elements of climate change or pursuing a profession in biology.

However, this information will not assist you in doing your taxes, something most of us are never taught in school for whatever reason.

And, no, I’ve never heard of the IRS giving someone a pass simply because they didn’t know HOW to do their taxes.

So, what are some crucial life lessons that you will not learn at school?

What do you need to learn through genuine experience that you can’t get on a chalkboard?

So today, we’re going to look at precisely that, so those of you still in school can get a clearer image of what life is like in the real world, and those of you who have graduated may brush up and see how much you know.

Important Life Lessons.


Friendship Is Very Important.

Nothing is more precious than excellent friends. This is another lesson that you are unlikely to learn when attempting to achieve the highest possible mark in the class.

Everything is made more worthwhile by good companions.

Friends from various religions and cultures may be able to assist you in broadening your horizons. You will begin to absorb varied viewpoints on social issues and extend your worldview through exposure to various cultures.

You’ll probably be less willing to compromise as you get older, whether it’s where you want to go for dinner, your political beliefs, or your thoughts on an important work endeavour.

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Maintaining relationships with different people may teach you how to manage disputes better and can help you compromise even as you become older.

Would you prefer to sit alone, sipping cheap booze and ranting against the government or your least favourite political figure?

When you bring a few pals along, the proposal seems a little more appealing.

Without companions, day-to-day events might take on a dismal, gloomy tone. Things feel a lot more onerous when you don’t have excellent individuals to spend quality time with.

On the other side, with a few excellent friends, even life’s most difficult difficulties become a lot simpler. Victories in life feel better, and losses are less devastating.

Life is all about experiences, and having others around when you’re going through them, good or terrible, is a huge advantage. This leads us to our next point.


Diet and rest are both medicines.

When you’re having a rough day and your brain’s balance is all messed up, asleep and some food might help a lot.

If you’ve been tracking your calories and going to the gym but staying up all night to finish those Netflix marathons, even with those blue light glasses on, you might be jeopardizing your progress.

You must balance your exercise, nutrition, and sleep routines to return your body to optimal function. Exercise, diet, and sleep all contribute to long-term health and well-being.

A nutritious diet can help you fall asleep faster, increase your sleep quality and duration, and getting enough quality sleep regularly can help you eat better.

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According to a study, sleep deprivation increases your propensity to consume foods high in calories, fat, and sugar.

School teaches us to push through weariness and worry caused by all of our expected work. What you may not understand is that tiredness may be interfering with your productivity and lowering your production.

Food revs up your metabolism, while sleep relaxes your mind, enabling your subconscious to process all of the information you’ve acquired throughout the day.

When you wake up, you will feel energized, and you will most likely accomplish more than if you had pushed through it as you did in high school or college.


Life isn't fair; learn to accept it.

You have advantages that many others do not have.

Similarly, there are certain advantages that others have that you will never have. It was not planned; none of us had a say in what life had in store for us when we were born.

Outside of school, you will face various difficulties such as these, in which your boss may ignore you while knowing you are the superior worker or victimize you because you are more hardworking.

In some respects, it’s a good thing that you’re learning to manage emotionally with this while the stakes aren’t so high.

If the teacher is approachable, you might question why you are earning lower grades in class but receiving higher scores on an external test.

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The answer could surprise you – your school’s standards for how a response should be worded may differ significantly from those of an external test.

If you ask, your teacher may provide you constructive feedback that can help you grow.

Also, there may be moments when you will work as hard as possible, anticipating the benefits that are promised to anybody who puts in the effort.

However, you may not receive those benefits, which may cause you to question everyone who has ever told you that working hard will earn you results.

Things will happen to you over which you have no control, and people will leave your life just when you need them the most.

You may find yourself unable to pay your rent while your friends or rivals dine out at a high-priced restaurant. Due to unfavourable conditions, you may even be forced to sleep on the streets.

That’s how it goes. It may be completely unjust at times, and accepting this truth and still finding the beauty in life.

That is, after all, one of the essential things you can learn.


Attitude Is Everything.

Whatever our situation, we must recognize that we should be in Hell right now and forever. Whatever situation God has placed us in, we may be assured that it is a tremendous kindness compared to what we deserve.

It’s critical to be able to see things from various angles, not just your own.

What if your boyfriend/girlfriend fails to show up for a date? You have every right to be upset.

However, you should recognize that there might have been a very excellent reason for this, and hearing his side of the story first may make you feel a bit less offended.

7_Important_Lessons in Life Not Taught in School cover_04

We often perceive life from a single perspective, and the school does little to modify that. In school, you learn that Hitler was a very evil man and that everything he stood for should be despised.

The world would be a pretty terrible place right now if Hitler won the battle.

While we generally think of the Allies as the good guys, they were the first to deploy nuclear bombs, influencing almost every conflict fought since.

How’s that from a different point of view? But I’m not saying that the Axis was superior to the Allies.

The point is that we don’t often get to examine the other side of the coin in school since we’re typically just shown one side.

In real life though, where you have to juggle.

  • Friendships
  • Work and
  • Romantic relationships.

There will be times in life when your point of view is the most essential for your personal growth and pleasure.

However, if you can consider other people’s perspectives and engage in an open and honest discussion with them about how to satisfy your and their needs, things will move much more easily.

And you’ll appear a lot less selfish as a result. This brings us to our next topic.


You are in charge of your own happiness.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting or waiting for someone to change. Remember that you are ultimately accountable for your happiness or unhappiness—blaming your misery on others or expecting others to make you happy makes no sense.

If your happiness is dependent on someone else, start by considering what changes you can make.

Remind yourself that you have control over how you live your life daily. You are completely accountable for your enjoyment.

While having excellent friends is nice, it is not your friends’ job to make you happy.

It’s also not up to your family to make you feel better, and your happiness is dependent on you.

So, to define your happiness, you must first learn what makes you happy and then actively strive to incorporate it into your life.

When you give someone the ability to make you happy by their words and deeds, you also give them the ability to make you unhappy by doing the reverse.

Giving someone else your happiness will make you feel weaker and less secure in your capacity to provide for yourself.

In an ideal world, only you get to choose how happy you are, and no one else gets to decide when you are happy and how long you stay that way.

You are the master of your destiny, and you get to determine what makes you happy and how you’re going to achieve it, and you’re not going to let anyone take that away from you.


You really have nothing to lose.

If you have poor grades in school, you may be required to retake a year. When you miss a class or cause a commotion, you may be suspended or worse.

These are all the repercussions of our activities at school.

As a result, we weigh what we stand to gain against what we stand to lose while we are younger. Life teaches you a new lesson; you have nothing to lose, especially if you are unattached.

You step onto the field knowing that your spot on the squad is at stake, and you’ve done all possible to guarantee that you’re offered a jersey.

You’re in better shape, sharper, and more relaxed than you’ve ever been. Then the starting whistle blows, and you’re out. You seldom get the ball, and when you do, you either take a bad touch or throw it away.

7_Important_Lessons in Life Not Taught in School cover_06

When you try to take a picture, it flies out of focus. You try to dribble, but the ball gets caught between your feet and causes you to trip. The whistle blasts once again, and it’s all over.

You leave the presentation knowing you’re not going to be recruited, and you’re upset that you weren’t able to exhibit your full ability.

So, what precisely occurred?

You may have just had a severe episode of Sports Performance Anxiety, often known as “choking,” which is a decrease in athletic performance induced by overwhelming perceived stress.

Do you want to establish a technology firm in your dorm room? Sure. Go ahead and do it.

What are you going to lose if you do? Nothing. What do you stand to gain? I’m not sure, and neither are you. But, rather than fretting about what you could lose, you can quickly find out by doing it.

When you realize you can risk without fear of losing something, you begin to see possibilities and your interests in a new light.

After all, you may end up obtaining the entire world by following your goals. Just ask Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg.


Independence is a liberating experience.

The commemoration of independence days in many countries throughout the world is a huge affair.

Do you understand why? Because on that day, the people of that country got the opportunity to completely and genuinely think and act for themselves.

Conquer yourself, and the rest of the world will bow down to you. – St. Augustine

One of the hardest ideas to grasp is that you are the only person alive who can free yourself.

Because you are the one who has incarcerated a part of yourself, the part you are afraid to become, you must break free from the cell in which you have enclosed yourself.

7_Important_Lessons in Life Not Taught in School cover_07

And lead yourself out into the light from which you have so carefully hidden that part of yourself, the part you are afraid of, and the part the world requires.

“To find yourself, think for yourself,” Socrates remarked.

You must realize at some time that no one is coming to save you and that you must rescue yourself. A finger pointing at the moon does not depict it, and the finger can point to the moon, but if you gaze at it, you’ll miss it, much like a kid.

While education provides you with some of the tools you need to navigate life independently, it does not demonstrate how freeing freedom may be.

Schools foster a sense of reliance on our instructors, parents, and classmates. You spend the majority of your time attempting to acquire the “correct answers” to the “right questions” rather than choosing what is truly essential to you in the long run.

You spend a lot of time studying things you’ll never use and continually defer to others as though they’re intellectually superior.

Real-life, on the other hand, teaches you the value of independence.

Only through experience can you genuinely learn to ask your questions, make your judgments, and comprehend the repercussions of those actions.


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