7 Signs of an Untrustworthy Person (2022)

Signs of an Untrustworthy Person. Have you ever wondered or even went across what would be actual? 

Signs you can’t trust someone.

Signs of an unreliable person.

Signs of a sneaky person.

Signs you can’t trust her.

And how do you learn to trust someone again.

Well, you are in the right place to figure out such a personalities behaviour.  Let’s us look at seven signs you can’t trust someone.



They are Reserved on their phone. 

We’ve all had the experience of trying to look into someone else’s phone. But they immediately snatched it away from us before we could.

If someone appears to be trying everything possible to prevent you from seeing or reading these items, they’re probably concealing something. So, naturally, the more you get to know someone, the lower the privacy barrier should be.

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This, according to Armstrong, is what emotional closeness is, and it is both excellent and essential.


According to Chris Armstrong, founder of the relationship counselling firm maze of love, if a person you’re dating is overprotective of their phone privacy, it’s a red flag that they’re not trustworthy.


Exploit their control above yourself.

Once you’ve won their trust and they have some personal knowledge about you, this individual may start utilising it to impose control over you.

This sort of behaviour frequently begins innocently enough. They’ll be too polite to you, but it’ll be a ruse. If you follow your instincts, you may feel that something is odd with the connection, and your instincts will show to be correct over time.

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Keep an eye with such untrustworthy people on how they interact with others. Then, try you’re most challenging, listen to your gut instincts, and escape before their betrayal of your trust harms you.


Two-faced behaviour

We’ve all witnessed this sort of behaviour from others. For example, when someone is with you, they are very polite to you, but they will not hesitate to condemn what you do and say when you turn your back.

They will not hold back when it comes to spreading delicious rumours about you. They won’t give you the time of day if you’re among their buddies or individuals they’re trying to impress. Instead, they’ll act as though you’ve just met. This sort of behaviour indicates that they are attempting to obtain something from you in some way.

Their fascination with you is simply speculative. They’ll abandon you at the drop of a hat after they’ve gotten what they want from you, or it’s apparent that they won’t be able to obtain it.

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So, as soon as you discover the untrustworthy person such sort of behaviour, you should leave the relationship to protect yourself.


Remaining Extremely Charming. 

Who to trust?

It’s always a joy to meet open and kind individuals. However, there is a significant difference between that and someone who looks too charming.

Despite their politeness, their behaviour may raise your intuition doubts. Underneath that charming appearance is typically an underlying disloyal streak that will come to light sooner or later.

 If you look closely, you’ll find that they’re always wanting to know more about you but never revealing much about themselves. Can’t trust people of such mindset.

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The usual information exchange between new acquaintances or friends does not take place. Of course, you’ll eventually figure out what they’re up to, but by then, you might realise it’s not simple to get out of their grips.


Being Faithless. 

An obvious indication that you can’t trust anyone. A person who can’t make a decision and stick to it is untrustworthy or unworthy of your trust. Untrustworthiness can also be judged by how they make decisions.

Being indecisive is not the same as being fickle. Most of us are indeed unable to make a decision when faced with a menu brimming with compelling alternatives. And, of course, we all alter our opinions from time to time, even on crucial topics.

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The difference between fickle individuals is that you can never trust any of their judgments. They will switch back and forth between very different choices, regardless of how serious the issue at hand is.

One of the most prevalent characteristics of untrustworthy persons is a lack of integrity. They don’t keep their promises. They breach their pledges. They may apologise, but they do not modify their conduct.

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Their mental condition can be highly volatile, and the outcome of their decisions demonstrates a pattern of inconsistency. Not only that, but an inconsistent individual will make commitments that they will shortly regret and then rescind. Because of their unpredictable emotions, individuals are never sure of the causes for the actions they make.

They are more prone to be swayed by external circumstances than to follow their internal compass. The reason for this is that it isn’t powerful enough to direct them as it should.

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Volatility, a rapidly changing emotional state that results in the frequent change of mind or the inability to make and stick to a choice, implies that there is no anchor to build your faith.


Strive to Sympathize.

A lack of empathy is required for someone who wishes to harm or deceive others. It’s noteworthy to note that the majority of untrustworthy people lack this critical feeling.

An empathic person would never intentionally bring harm to others since they understand how it feels. As a result, the ability to empathize works as a brake on harmful behaviour.

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If someone is capable of betraying trust or stabbing someone in the back, they cannot sympathize. Therefore, they never accept responsibility for the harm or trouble they cause others.

The worst thing is that a person who lacks empathy isn’t even aware of it because they can only perceive things from their self-serving point of view.


Some people, however, can imitate empathy on a limited basis. When they stand against anything, the character becomes more challenging to detect. By monitoring how they treat others with whom they contact, particularly those they stand to gain nothing, such as a janitor or a waitress, such personality will be revealed quickly.


 A lack of empathy should surely raise concerns about a person’s trustworthiness.


Lacking Self-Awareness. 

Sometimes it’s because they’re untrustworthy.


In general, our behaviour reflects how we want others to view us and how we perceive ourselves.

There is frequently a wide gap between how an untrustworthy person views herself and reality. As a result, untrustworthy people can act in ways that contradict their perceptions of themselves.


Consider someone who continually claims to be drama-free yet is always surrounded by it and even enables it. Or someone who portrays oneself as calm and peaceful. However, their actual behaviour may expose them to be aggressive and loud-mouthed.

It’s evident for intricate reasons that only they understand. They attempt to construct a perception that corresponds to their goals, but it is unrelated to reality.

The discrepancy between their statements and their actions is frequently extremely significant; such a disparity should sound the warning bells of untrustworthiness.


 Said, if someone is their untrustworthy storyteller, that’s a warning sign, and you should be wary about trusting them.

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