7 Things To Prevent When You Are Just Awake. Simply Stay Away!

Prevent As Soon As You Wake Up.

For starters, getting out of bed on time is essential for productivity and self-confidence.

In addition, a well-planned morning routine allows you to set aside ample time for self-care, such as doing your hair or selecting a nice outfit. 

Developing a routine in the morning also helps you establish other healthy habits throughout your day, including

  • mindfulness
  • eating healthy food
  • getting enough exercise before you head to work.

Your morning routine can dramatically impact the rest of your day.

 In addition to affecting your productivity and overall well-being, a successful morning routine will increase your energy levels for the entire day. 

If you’ve ever woken up feeling rushed and stressed, you’ll be glad to learn how to substitute a harmful morning habit with a good one. 

Avoiding bad habits can help you achieve long-term success, so you should find ways to replace them with positive ones.

Developing a morning routine can help you become more productive and efficient. 

Using a schedule, you can automatically

  • wash your face
  • get a cup of coffee
  • dress for the day
  • prepare your clothing.

It will save you valuable time by reducing your time searching for things. 

A morning routine will also give you focus and make you more productive. 

Even if you’re not an early riser, creating a morning routine will help you overcome your temptations to hit the snooze button.

These are some of the questions that will be addressed as we progress through this article –

  • What to do first thing in the morning? What to do when you wake up? 
  • What should I do immediately after waking up? 
  • What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? 
  • What is an excellent way to wake up? 
  • What is the best time to wake up? 

Now let’s have a look at 7 such things, 

shall we?


Avoid the self-doubt.

There are many effective ways to overcome self-doubt. But, first, you must change your thinking and habits to overcome them. 

By learning new tactics, you can boost your confidence and overcome self-doubt. 

As always, start small and work up to the scary stuff. 

If you are afraid of public speaking, for example, try speaking to small groups of people instead of a large audience.

Then, as you grow in confidence, you will become able to speak in front of a crowd.

Often, self-doubt is caused by a lack of confidence or imposter syndrome.

Therefore, the best way to deal with self-doubt is to identify its cause. 


To avoid self-doubt, you must understand what causes it and how to ignore it. This article will discuss some sustainable ways to cope with self-doubt.

If you can’t find a solution to your self-doubt problem, it is time to get professional help.

Self-compassion can help you reduce the feeling of loneliness and shame.

Understanding and accepting yourself as a worthy individual will avoid self-sabotaging your efforts. 

Self-compassion is essential to this technique and will reduce the risk of failure.

Keeping a positive outlook is an effective way to deal with self-doubt.

In addition, talking about your doubts with others can help you see things from a different perspective.

Talking with others helps you stop comparing yourself to others, creating an imposter syndrome.

By keeping yourself in perspective, you can deal with self-doubt and get the desired results.


Avoid Skipping the Exercise.

Do you find it challenging to get motivated to work out?

Perhaps you are unsure what to do to become more disciplined. If you are, read on to learn some ways to overcome this problem.

Those who love their workouts do not feel the need to exercise every day.

Instead, their motivation is derived from habit, discipline and persistence. 


Many people wait until they are motivated to exercise. However, it is not always possible to find motivation. 

When motivation comes too late, we are most likely to skip it.

Hence, we need to find ways to motivate ourselves to work out.

Make a schedule. Set a date with yourself and enforce it to stay on track. Try not to be all or nothing and commit yourself to exercise.

Make a power walk during lunchtime or multitask on the treadmill.

Even if you don’t have enough time to work out, force yourself to go for it. 

If you’re working, try to fit in the workout as early as possible.


Avoid Leaving the Blinds or Curtains Closed.

Sunlight is one of the most potent disinfectants.

So if you’re looking for an excellent reason to open your blinds during the day, consider this: sunlight is known to kill bacteria that cause respiratory problems. 

Not only that, but sunlight also kills dust, which can be harmful. It also makes your home appear more occupied, which deters burglars. 

In addition, sunlight helps you maintain a healthy mood.

You may be tempted to close your blinds during the day if the sun is bright, but you should know that the air between the glass and the blinds helps keep warm air in. 


This air in between the glass and blinds provides insulation. You should keep your blinds open in a shaded area to avoid letting the hot air in.

Another reason to keep your window blinds open during the day is to save energy. This energy can be a big help with your energy bills. 

According to Arthur Murray, Managing Editor of Choose Energy, opening your blinds during the day will naturally raise the temperature in your room. 

This will cut down on your furnace use.

You should consider putting thermal mass around your windows to save even more energy.


Avoid Eating Sugary Crap, Pretending That’s Breakfast.

Why should you avoid eating sugary junk in a nutshell in the morning? 

It has several important reasons. For one, it can be dangerous to your health, causing a sugar rush that makes you feel dizzy.

Sugar is everywhere – in coffee drinks, on the counter, fruit and vegetable snacks, and even some cereals. 

It also contributes to stress and cravings for sugary foods. To avoid this, avoid these foods at all costs, especially including them in your breakfast.

Cereal is a particular problem. Not only is it high in refined carbohydrates, but it lacks fibre and protein. 

A bowl of sugary cereal can contain more sugar than a candy bar! 

Instead, choose a more satiating option like eggs, avocado, or sautéed greens.

Pop-Tarts are another unhealthy breakfast option. They are packed and processed pastries that contain artificially refined flour, sugar, and fat.


Avoid Rushing & Trying to Multitask.

Why should you avoid hurrying and trying to do more than one task at a time? 

When you multitask, you put too much stress on your brain, which is not designed to handle more than one task at a time. 

Switching between tasks causes your brain to produce more cortisol, a stress hormone affecting sleep and bone growth.

This wastes your time and energy.

In addition, multitasking is not possible unless you concentrate on one task long enough to complete it. 

When trying to multitask, you have limited brain function, making it more difficult to complete one task effectively. 

It is better to take up to 20 minutes to complete a task before switching to another one.

The 20-minute rule, in particular, encourages you to devote complete attention to a single task simultaneously.

Despite its popularity, hurry sickness is not a disease and has been found to cause many people to feel rushed and stressed.

Hurry sickness can affect your physical health and even your relationships. 

Many people suffer from the unfulfilled feeling that comes with rushing.

So, what can you do to cure this condition? Below are some helpful tips to help you stop rushing and enjoy life again!

When you multitask, you should prioritize your tasks and not allow yourself to get side-tracked by distractions. For example, you might listen to music while doing your work.

Another way to avoid multitasking is to assign tasks to people you trust to complete them for you.

Then, once you prioritize your tasks, you can focus on those that need your attention and energy the most. Then, assign the rest of the work to others.


Avoid Checking Social Media.

Many people use social media throughout the day.

Yet, according to a recent study, seventy per cent of American adults do not turn off their phones.

Those who spend time on social networks often lose track of time as they scroll through the pages of their feeds. 

To ensure you don’t waste time, limit your news consumption to 20 minutes in the morning and at the end of the day.

And you must avoid social media at least 30 minutes before bed. Again, setting boundaries will ensure you stay informed and get enough sleep.

Social media sites have algorithms designed to capture attention and hold it. 

If you engage with a topic, such as a climate crisis, an economic recession, or rising COVID rates, you will be exposed to more of the same content.

It’s also likely that you’ll feel isolated and excluded. That’s a recipe for stress. Of course, the worst thing you can do is lose sleep over FOMO.


Avoid Checking Emails.

In the best-case scenario, an email will arrive at the right moment.

Then, of course, you can immediately start working on it, but that’s rare. And if there’s nothing new to check, you’ll spend most of your time checking emails. 

If you want to be productive in the morning, set aside the time each day to check your email.


Most of us wake up to our smartphone alarms and instantly check our email. But a simple email with no action to take can throw us off track for hours. 

Instead, it is more productive to switch off notifications and do in-depth work.

Then, you can move your email application to the second page of your phone, so you don’t get tempted to check it first thing in the morning.

There are advantages and disadvantages to checking email as soon as we wake up. 

For one, it sets a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, you trust that if you respond to a message sent early in the day, it will be received by the other person. 

However, the same time frame can cause you to work on tasks other people have asked you to complete.

Checking email constantly can lead to a host of problems.

For example, it can reduce our productivity and decrease our overall happiness.

Many people check their email 15 times daily, while others check it even more. 

One study by the University of British Columbia showed that limiting email checking to once or twice a day reduced stress and more work accomplishments.

But what is the real impact of limiting email checking?

According to a recent study, a staggering 78% of people check email throughout the day, and 66% of those do so early in the morning.

If you’re an employee, checking email before work is OK, as long as you can focus on the crucial task. 

On the other hand, if you’re self-employed and take public transportation to work, you can spend your time working on your work while ignoring the news and other things happening outside.

Taking public transportation to work daily also allows you to check your email as soon as you get up in the morning.


Most of us even struggle to get out of bed in the morning to begin our day.

But we must not lose sight of the fact that there are various benefits, folks!

Honestly, it’s scientifically proven that waking up simultaneously every day helps you develop your circadian rhythm. 

Research suggests that waking up at the same time every day helps you sleep better and is associated with higher levels of alertness and productivity. 

You’ll have more time for your daily tasks when you wake up early. 

Also, a consistent schedule helps you regulate your sleeping habits and improves your mood.

When you’re rested, you’re less likely to snap at your partner, kids, or co-workers. 

And if you’re more organised, you’ll have more free time to devote to other things.

Even though breakfast can be challenging to prepare, many people find that it helps them wake up and start the day in the best way possible. 

A cold shower can help increase energy levels. A cold shower can increase the production of dopamine and boost productivity. 

Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker, plunges into 57-degree water every morning to kick-start his day.

Having a morning routine can improve your life and improve your productivity.

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a health care professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

7 Things To Prevent When You Are Just Awake. Simply Stay Away!
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